About me


I direct a research laboratory with amazing students, postdocs, and other trainees in Psychology and Neuroscience at New York University.  Our research focuses on understanding the algorithms of human decision-making, with specific interests in planning, social decisions, working memory, and perception.


I have developed and taught many courses. I am particularly proud of From illusions to inference and Psychological science and society. I have taught the graduate-level course Bayesian modeling of behavior as a short course/tutorial in many places. I have been involved in several initiatives to improve the quality of teaching and mentorship in my departments. I am currently the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Psychology at NYU and the co-program director of the NYU Training Program in Computational Neuroscience.

Growing up in science

I co-founded (with Cristina Alberini) and currently lead Growing up in science, a global network of mentorship events at universities and research institutions, in which faculty members and others tell their life and career stories with an emphasis on struggles, detours, failures, and sources of insecurity. Read more in The stories behind a CV.


I am the co-founder (with Diane Geng and Sara Lam) and chairperson of the Rural China Education Foundation, which attempts to improve the relevance of education in rural China to children’s lives. I am a founding member of the Scientist Action and Advocacy Network, an organization of scientists who provide pro-bono scientific services to non-profit partners.


I have been lucky enough to have collaborated with some wonderful artists. I was a science consultant for Jody Oberfelder‘s The Brain Piece. I worked with visual artist and creative director Aaron Duffy on an illusions course, on Illusions for a Better Society (also with Lake Buckley), and on Vote with your Tote (also with Papel & Caneta).

Other listings and activities